NexentaStor 4.0 – New Beta Coming in January

好消息,终于来一个比较像样的 Beta 版本了。可从 3 升级,有可更新的 apt source etc…

Dear Nexenta Community,

Happy Holidays from the Nexenta Team. As we prepare for the holidays, Nexenta is also finishing up final testing and release efforts for a newly revamped 4.0 release of NexentaStor.

NexentaStor 4.0.1 (the “.1” has been added to differentiate from earlier versions of the 4.0 beta software) will be released for beta testing the first full week of January. This will be a simultaneous beta release including:

  • Enterprise Users – Selected enterprise customers will be testing under NDA for enterprise edition.
  • Reseller Partners – All of premier and certified reseller partners will have access to enterprise edition for solutions testing.
  • Community Users – All interested community users are invited to download and test the new 4.0.1 community edition beta software.

The software images and beta release notes will be published at the start of the beta period in January. in the interim, there are a few key updates to be aware of for those who have previously tested the earlier beta releases of NexentaStor 4.0 Community Edition (any milestone version):

  1. Seamless Upgrade from 3.1.5 to 4.0.1 – We will be supporting an inline upgrade (rather than a reinstall) to 4.0.1. In order to be able to do a seamless upgrade, systems will have to be upgraded to the latest 3.1.5 release, and community users must be using a standard image without additional binaries installed on their NexentaStor system.
  2. New license keys – In order to support a seamless upgrade from 3.x to 4.0.1, a previous change to the length of the machine ID has been removed. This however, will impact current 4.0 beta users, requiring 4.0.1 to be a reinstall rather than an upgrade.
  3. Improved support for Windows clients – Support for SMB 2.1 has been added (a natural stopping point to SMB 3.0) and will be tested during beta.
  4. Up to date Illumos kernel – The most current changes have been integrated, and Nexenta has begun updating the open source repository in preparation for the full release.

Check the Forums for the most up to date information about the beta, including question to get your feedback about monitoring beta progress.

We thank you for your patience and continued support while the 4.0 release has been reworked for the upcoming release.

Nexenta Product Management


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